Classic Tour

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Our professional chauffeur warmly welcome you at the Airport or Hotel where you stay. Straightway to Sigiriya one of the ancient kingdom with captured many ancient things such like a cave painting. While on that journey reach to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where a large amount of elephants located who abandoned due to many reasons. The best place to observe the elephant’s behaviour. Visit Dambulla cave temple that finds cave arts more than 2000 years after that visit Sigiriya Rock Fort which started by King Kashyapa in thousands of years ago. Enjoy the beautiful cave paintings Sigiriya. Overnight stay at Sigiriya

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – A place where kept large elephants care due to abandoned many reasons. It is a great place to observe the elephant’s behaviour closely and volunteer works also added experience. Elephant bathing and feeding time are highly tourist attractive events.

Dambulla Cave Temple – One of a great place for cave paint expedition which was created in 01 Century BCE. There are a lot of cave paints well preserved. There are 153 Buddhist paintings can be found in here. Colour match is perfect on those paintings and expressions have made perfectly. Many caves consist great paints recently declared world heritage.

Sigiriya Rock Fort - A magnificent architectural creation which made on two thousand years ago. There is a complex of the royal palace which made on a huge rock called “Lion Rock” There is truly amazing creation with cave paintings. Many ancient ruins found in this land. Also, it was well-organized complex for King.


Kandy is the last ancient capital of Ceylon, the city surrounded by hill country and geographically this is a truly amazing place to spend time in tranquillity. Kandy is a most sacred city where Lord Buddha Tooth Relic located. The museum is a great place to grab more knowledge. Royal Botanical Garden is a perfect place to peep the nature and feel the natural lush. There are wooden carving temple and finding of the carving truly magnificent. Also, there are tremendous paintings remain in many temples. Overnight stay at Kandy.

Temple Tooth Relic – Most sacred place of Sri Lanka where Lord Buddha Tooth Relic located in this temple. There are more interesting traditions follow since thousand years which comes generations to generation. Golden roof have been prepared for tooth relic and there are seven reliquaries established for the protection of Lord Buddha.

Embakke Devalaya – It was built by King Wikramabahu III in 1357 it is a place to worship Lord Mahasen. There is a drummer’s hall which prepared in truly amazing by wooden pillars and all pillars are made with great wooden carving that expresses many emotions of the carvings. There are three parts of the devalaya and this is one of highest tourist attraction place.

Udawatta Sanctuary – A great place to peep the nature and feel the natural lush, it is a perfect place for bird watching even it will heal mind and soul by sitting around many birds singing. Also, there is a Buddhist Monastery located in one part of the jungle, it is a good place to visit and garrison cemetery one of a great place to see the colonial era cemetery.

Cultural show – A great opportunity to study about the Ceylon traditions, especially Kandian dance which comes generation to generation since a long time. Also, it is an amazing tremendous moment to watch. It will unforgettable superb experience in Kandy and end of it have an opportunity to shopping in Kandy.


Next destination is Nuwara Eliya where huge mountains covered in mist with superb surroundings. There are many famous tourist destinations spread in Nuwara Eliya, World’s End is one of major where finds superb natural surroundings. Hakgala Botanical Garden is one of great tremendous hotspot where can feel the natural lush. Devon waterfall is one of tremendous place to visit. Horton Plains is a great place which created by Mother Nature. Lovers Leap, Victoria Park, Aberdeen Waterfall are some of the major attractions of Nuwara Eliya. Not even that having a great boat ride at Gregory Lake will be an unforgettable experience.

Hakgala Botanical Garden – Well planned garden with the landscape are breathtaking and a great place to enjoy surroundings. The best time to visit the Hakgala Park is April to August. Rosegarden is one of the manmade creation of Hakgala Botanical Garden even Rock Garden or Water Garden pathways make more lovely temptation for visitors. According to legend, this park belongs to King Rawana. A place never missed with many breathtaking views.

Horton Plains – One of the most attractive place of Sri Lanka. This is a tremendous creation of Mother Nature where find coldest with the windiest location of Sri Lanka. Can find marshy lands with grasslands with forests and altitude 2,100m above from sea level. This place has been declared as World Heritage site. It is very famous with World’s End with consist with over 900 m escarpment. 

St. Clair Water Fall – One of a widest waterfall in Sri Lanka which located in Nuwara Eliya that visit many foreigners to enjoy the breathtaking moments. Also, it is known as “Little Niagara Fall”. Spending few hours in this amazing place make more tranquillity and one of finest creation of Mother Nature.

Mackwood Museum – A tea plantation trail in Nuwara Eliya where can find more details about the tea making process and it is related things in one place. Also, there is a tea museum where can grab more information and experience for the visitor. Not even that it is a great place to enjoy the pure Sri Lankan Tea.


Hill country with superb natural surroundings are located in Ella. There are many superb breathtaking places located in here. In Ella can find pyramid shape mountain stand opposite to Ella Rock with enthusiastic surroundings. Trekking to this little Adam’s peak great mountain could attract a huge amount of travellers among the world. It is a gradually easy hike up to the top of the mountain make worth tremendous panoramic view with 360 degrees. Also, Rawana Falls, Dova Temple, Nine arch bridge are the best place can be listed. Overnight at Ella

Little Adam’s Peak – One of most attraction place of Ella that visits many tourists to enjoy the surroundings. The panoramic view is truly amazing when you reach to the top of the mountain.  Watching the sunrise at top of the mountain can’t be explained in words because it is truly magnificent. Trekking to Little Adam’s Peak will never forget you.

Rawana Waterfall – the finest creation of Mother Nature because it is a truly amazing view to look at. There are two waterfalls called “Rawana Waterfalls”. According to the people of this area, there is a hidden waterfall is the true and accurate waterfall. This hidden waterfall can be seen to Ella Railways station. This is something never missed by the tourists.

Nine Arch Bridge – One of most amazing creation in Colonial Era, It is world famous and the most important thing is this bridge made only solid rocks with cement and never used any iron bars. There are nine arches in this bridge and the views are breathtaking and spending sometimes in here is truly amazing.


Tissa also one of the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and there is a world famous Yala National Park where find highest leopard density in Sri Lanka. Also, there are many animals can be seen in one place. Not even that there are many ancient temples Tissa Rajamaha Viharaya, Buduruwagala Temple is some of the famous places to visit.

Yala National Park – There are five blocks of the National Park. According to the records, Yala is the recorded highest leopard density in Sri Lanka. Even this dry zone park nestled to many endemic animals such like mongoose, crocodile, bear, deer, peacock and Cobra are some of them. Evening and morning are the best times to visit the park to see many animals at once.

Buduruwagala Temple - There are many Buddhist Status made by stone and featuring many emotions and shapes of the body shows a great and tremendous creation of Ceylonese. A Lord Buddha statue with Abhaya Mudra at Central also the carved rock shape looks like an elephant. This is something never missed and sculpture and the paintings added more enthusiastic feelings to the visitors.

Tissamaharama Temple - It is one of the main temples in Down south of Sri Lanka. This is very ancient temple one of the major monasteries established not even that Lord Buddha also visited this Buddhist Monastery with 500 Buddhist Monks. This temple was built by a rural king called Kawantissa when he ruled the southern province. Inside of the Pagoda, there is frontal bone relic with left tooth relic of Lord Budda has been kept in this Pagoda. Many ancient ruins found in this Buddhist Monasteries.


That is the final day of the journey while on that journey spend the time to visit Stilt fishermen one of tradition fishing method Sri Lanka. Visit Cinnamon Island with a boat ride at Koggala Lake. Even visit the Galle Fort one of tremendous well preserved Dutch fort in Galle. Walking through the masonry pillars of the Colonial era with colonial buildings make a tremendous expression.

Stilt Fishermen – One of the traditional fishing method of Southern Province of Sri Lanka which comes generation to generation. Fishermen sitting on a narrow pole which fixed to the sand bed of Ocean. They never use bait and only attend the only morning, noon or evening. It is a way of living with a patient because fishermen have to wait more hours to capture a fish.

Cinnamon Island – This is located in Koggala Lake a spate island doing only cinnamon making process. The whole island consists of Cinnamon and people doing cinnamon industry of living and it is a great place to explore their hidden life. Not even that boat ride at Koggala Lake makes more sweet memories to the life.

Galle Fort – A well preserved Dutch fort in Sri Lanka, declared World Heritage city and one of great tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. Wooden or Masonry pillars with colonial buildings make more amazing feeling to the visitors. There are many museums located in Galle Fort for grabbing more knowledge. Finally, reach to Airport or any destination upon your request.