Cultural Tour

up to 250 US $ for 05 Days - Cultural Tour

 Day 1, Negombo-Pinnawela-Sigiriya

Our professional chauffeur warmly welcome you at the Airport or Hotel where you stay. Straightway to Sigiriya one of the ancient kingdom with captured many ancient things such like a cave painting. While on that journey reach to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where a large amount of elephants located who abandoned due to many reasons. The best place to observe the elephant’s behaviour. Visit Dambulla cave temple that finds cave arts more than 2000 years after that visit Sigiriya Rock Fort which started by King Kashyapa in thousands of years ago. Enjoy the beautiful cave paintings Sigiriya. Overnight stay at Sigiriya

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – A place where kept large elephants care due to abandoned many reasons. It is a great place to observe the elephant’s behaviour closely and volunteer works also added experience. Elephant bathing and feeding time are highly tourist attractive events.

Dambulla Cave Temple – One of a great place for cave paint expedition which was created in 01 Century BCE. There are a lot of cave paints well preserved. There are 153 Buddhist paintings can be found in here. Colour match is perfect on those paintings and expressions have made perfectly. Many caves consist great paints recently declared world heritage.

Sigiriya Rock Fort - A magnificent architectural creation which made on two thousand years ago. There is a complex of the royal palace which made on a huge rock called “Lion Rock” There is truly amazing creation with cave paintings. Many ancient ruins found in this land. Also, it was well-organized complex for King.

Day 2, Sigiriya-Anuradhapura

Next day morning after having breakfast start the journey to reach the first capital of ancient Sri Lanka called Anuradhapura. There are huge amount ancient ruins with most sacred things remaining in this ancient capital. Many ancient pagodas, Buddhist monasteries made by stone, ancient hospitals located in here. Also, there is a great civilisation with irrigation system available in here. It’s a great place to observe the ancient archaeological facts and evidence in one area. 

Sacred Bo Tree – According to the facts, this is the oldest tree in the world with is very sacred among Buddhist. Many people annually worship this great place. It is oldest more than 2500 years. Sacred Bo Tree located in the middle of the Anuradhapura Sacred City, there are many archaeological facts available to observe about the Sri Lankan Culture.

Ruwanwalisaya (Pagoda)

Another most sacred place of Buddhists, a pagoda built by King Dutugamunu 140 B.C with height 338ft. One of the tremendous creation of ancient Ceylonese. This pagoda located next to Sacred Bo Tree. The width circumference of 290 m. There are relics on the inside of pagoda which belongs to Lord Buddha. Also, there are remarkable archaeological facts available around.

Twin Baths - A stone made twin ponds which were made more than two thousand years ago. The depth of the pond around 18ft and many stone carving things can be found around the pond which significantly presents the ancient history. Both ponds were decorated by many Buddhist traditions.

Samadhi Buddha Statue – Stone made Lord Buddha Statue located in Anuradhapura, a great example for ancient sculpture techniques. There are three physical expressions well showed on Lord Buddha Statue at once. It is one of the extraordinary creation of Sri Lanka. Also, small edges of the statue well managed from stone.

Day 3, Anuradhapura - Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa is the second ancient capital of Sri Lanka which has more than 2000 years. There are similarities with Anuradhapura. Many ancient ruins with sacred things existing in this great land. Gal Vihara one of the tremendous magnificent creation of ancient sculptures.  Watadageya shrine even one of great creation of Buddhist creation and there are many archaeological things remaining the city. Lankathilaka Image house is a great place to explore the ancient paintings.

Gal Viharaya – A great tremendous example for ancient sculpture strategies, a rough huge granite made one of a sacred thing. The physical expression was made perfectly which built more than 2000 years by King Parakramabahu. There are many Buddha statues in the place and all are made perfectly.

Watadageya - One of Buddhist Shrine which made by stone and there is a truly amazing stone carving well made. Rest of other parts were made by bricks, those creations still exist in a good condition. There are four Lord Buddha Statues established to four directions of the Watadageya.

Royal Palace – This is a massive structure of King Parakramabahu palace. Today remaining only foundations with some bricks. Foundation was made by stones and first floor completed by bricks and rest of other six floors made with wooden. Other parts have been destroyed. But proudly present about the ancient history.

Day 4, Polonnaruwa -Kandy

Kandy is the last ancient capital of Ceylon, the city surrounded by hill country and geographically this is a truly amazing place to spend time in tranquility. Kandy is a most sacred city where Lord Buddha Tooth Relic located. The museum is a great place to grab more knowledge. Royal Botanical Garden is a perfect place to peep the nature and feel the natural lush. There are wooden carving temple and finding of the carving truly magnificent. Also, there are tremendous paintings remain in many temples. Overnight stay at Kandy.

Temple Tooth Relic – Most sacred place of Sri Lanka where Lord Buddha Tooth Relic located in this temple. There are more interesting traditions follow since thousand years which comes generations to generation. The Golden roof has been prepared for tooth relic and there are seven reliquaries established for the protection of Lord Buddha.

Embakke Devalaya – It was built by King Wikramabahu III in 1357 it is a place to worship Lord Mahasen. There is a drummer’s hall which prepared in truly amazing by wooden pillars and all pillars are made with great wooden carving that expresses many emotions of the carvings. There are three parts of the devalaya and this is one of highest tourist attraction place.

Udawatta Sanctuary – A great place to peep the nature and feel the natural lush, it is a perfect place for bird watching even it will heal mind and soul by sitting around many birds singing. Also, there is a Buddhist Monastery located in one part of the jungle, it is a good place to visit and garrison cemetery one of a great place to see the colonial era cemetery.

Cultural show – A great opportunity to study about the Ceylon traditions, especially Kandian dance which comes generation to generation since a long time. Also, it is an amazing tremendous moment to watch. It will unforgettable superb experience in Kandy and end of it have an opportunity to shopping in Kandy.

Day 5, Kandy - Negombo

On the final day of the journey reach many tremendous places, Kithulgala water rafting one of truly adventurous blended thrilling experience. This experience won’t forget you because it is truly amazing. There great grate rapids on Kithulgala. Also Belilena a prehistoric site close to Kithulgala are another sightseeing. While on that journey reach to Seethawaka Wet zone Botanical garden. A great place to peep nature and enjoy surroundings. Evening spending times on the beach in Negombo where stunning beach.

Water rafting – Kithulgala – One of tremendous place to enjoy the thrilling experience with many rapids. There are professional groups available to serving great service with safety. They follow all safety procedures while on the journey. White water rafting will be unforgettable thrilling experience. Not even that there is a great camping site on Kithulgala.

Belilena – A prehistoric caves located near Kithulgala. There was skeletal remain in here which has over 16,000 years. On the other hand this is truly amazing and worth place to study. Also many things were found through this cave which belongs to 30, 0000 to 9,000 years. According to archeological facts found evidence about the using fire on that age.

Sithawaka Botanical Garden – This is the only wet zone botanical garden found on Sri Lanka well maintained managed landscapes may be brought tremendous feelings to you. Endemic plants can be found in here. Spending time in here make more peaceful to you as well your soul.